Terms & Conditions

We help our Clients – Investors as well as Private - bringing to life  their visions and dreams of ideal interiors as well as perfect furniture, accessories and lighting that would please their senses, meet wildest aesthetical and practical needs, considering in the same time their lifestyle and indicated budget.


We work from brief to “key” or till the final object is ready to enter the market, solving for our Clients all technical and constructional matters, so that everything that was at the beginning a set of loose ideas and concepts gets transformed in to coherent and harmonious whole and gets implemented according to an agreed plan.  


We do that because we believe that every Human Being is happier in an environment that pleases his senses and mirrors his uniqueness. Filled with objects that he fancies and that serve him best. Meeting those needs of our Clients is very important to us, as we help them to get more happiness and satisfaction out of their lives, which further helps them to build fuller relations with others, achieve more at work, etc.


So at TARNAVA Design Studio we believe that thanks to our work our Clients get a better life and their World becomes a more beautiful place - for the benefit of all of us.


Why this is so important to us explains our Creative director and Founder - Mari Paulina C. Janiq:


As a child I was brought up in communist Poland. Everything around was dark, dull and sad. But one day my Parents have taken me to one of the very few Antiquity shops…


I was completely amazed – wondering around the shop there and back enjoying the beautiful shapes, and  contemplating sophisticated details. All of the sudden I felt like a Princess in a Magical Garden. Being 7 or 8 years old at the time I didn’t understand much about that but the feeling of happiness from fit to toe, that filled me instantly after entering the door made me dragging my Parents back to this place over, and over again over few next years.


During the next few years when visiting my colleagues I have noticed that we all prefer to visit those that live in beautiful homes…. That is when I decided that that will be my mission – to make the surrounding World a more beautiful place. So that other people – today our Clients – can have a better, fuller simply happier life.


This filling of blissful happiness fills me till today - every time  when I have the pleasure to spend my time in beautiful spaces, surrounded with lovely and smart objects. Everything goes smoother in there – work seem more pleasant and gatherings give much more satisfaction as well. If additionally the surrounding interiors and objects are not only good looking but also are functional and high quality that feels absolutely great.


I have heard so many times from my clients that the spaces we have designed bring people nearly to tears, meetings are so pleasant that guests stay long hours as the atmosphere is so great and the chair or sofa so comfortable or eve that the house keepers have problems to focus on their job amazed by the beauty of surrounding….


I think the most touching was when an apartment designed by us was compared to the Mediterranean Sea as it brought such delight to one of the visitors. And ebven though that a apart of our job is the risk that the best spaces – due to the need of privacy – will never be published it’s the gratefulness and good words that will always stay with us and give us strength and motivation.


I would like to help other people to feel as I felt when entered the antiquity shop for the first time – to fell as much happiness as possible by giving them the possibility to spend it in surroundings and in between objects that please them to the most and meet their deepest needs.


A happy Human Being  spreads his happiness around on other people. And the more happy people there are the happier is the entire world. In TARNAVA Design Studio we want to have our input in this World Happiness!